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In Vivo Films (France), Medio de Contención Producciones (Colombia)

82 minutes / Drama /2022

International Sales: Cercamon

French distribution: Destiny Films

French release the 15th of March 2023

With the support of 

▸ Aide aux cinémas du monde - CNC, Institut Français

▸ Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

▸ Département de la Charente-Maritime

▸ Proimagenes Colombia FDC

▸ World Cinema Fund

▸ Cinéfondation Atelier - Cannes Film Festival

▸ Torino Film Lab

Un Varón Directed by Fabian Hernandez


Carlos lives in a youth shelter in the center of Bogotá, a refuge meant to help mitigate the harshness of life. It's Christmas and Carlos longs to spend the day with his family. As he leaves the shelter for the holidays, Carlos is confronted with the brutality of his neighborhood, ruled by the law of the strongest, the alpha male. Carlos must also prove he can be one of them, while deep inside him, these expressions of masculinity clash with the decisions he must make in order to survive.


With Dylan Felipe Ramírez Espítia, Jhonathan, Steven Rodríguez, Juanita Carrillo Ortiz, Enrique Valencia Garzón

Director of photography: Sofía Oggioni, Casting: Santiago Porras, Sound director: Isabel Torres, Sound mixer: Jean-Guy Veran, Color grading: Emmanuel Fortin, Original music: Mike & Fabien Kourtzer

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