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Louise Bellicaud began her career in the distribution of French films in Mexico. After a stint in London, where she worked at Future Films on the development and financing of feature films, she returned to France and worked for four years at Sacrebleu Productions.


Claire Charles-Gervais began her career at Canal+. After spending two years in the United States and working for the international sales agent Ondamax and a year at Fidélité Films as a business affairs, Claire worked for four years as a business affairs, then CFO at Urban Distribution International and its production and distribution branches Urban Factory and Urban Distribution. She was selected to participate in the 31st edition of ACE Producers last year.

They joined forces in 2015 to create the production company IN VIVO FILMS with the desire to support talents from all around the world. Their association makes IN VIVO FILMS, a unique company, combining legal knowledge, production strategy and a perfect mastery of European and international markets. IN VIVO FILMS is focused on the production of arthouse-driven feature films of fiction, mainly in international coproduction. 

In seven years, IN VIVO FILMS has produced eight feature films, all of them premiered in prestigious film festivals such as Cannes, Venise, Sundance or Toronto and had been internationally released. 


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