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Directed by Víctor García León

Apache Films, Gonitafilmación, Acontraluz films (Spain) / In Vivo Films (France)

90 minutes / Dramatic Comedy

Casting: Juan Diego Botto, Raul Arevalo, Stephane Caillard...

International sales: Filmax

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Fond FILM - Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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In the late 1950’s, in a Spain bound by goody two-shoes, two friends, Miguel – a young provincial man, designer, living in a boarding house in Madrid, and Antonio – only child of an architect for whom Miguel works – both singles, in their 30’s, go on vacation at Ibiza, attracted by an alleged freedom and the European sexual myth.


But the Island is full of surprises. Once arrived in San Antonio, they meet with a bunch of eccentric people, tragicomic, true castaways who missed the boat of History, that Miguel and Antonio will soon join. While Antonio makes a string of girlfriends, more or less ridiculous, Miguel falls in love with Odette, a beautiful, delicate and smart young Parisian with whom he spends idyllic weeks before dealing with an unexpected existential odyssey in Barcelona, due to an unpredicted pregnancy.His dream will eventually fall apart and he will have to cope his acts, his manliness, his feelings, his values and his fears, in a country subject to a rough guardianship. 

  • About Víctor García León


Born in Madrid in 1976, Víctor García León is the son of the filmmaker José Lui García Sánchez. Scriptwriter and director, he debuts as filmmaker in 2001 with Más pena que Gloria before directing Vete de Mi in 2007, for which the main actor, Juan Diego, won a Goya award for Best Actor. He also directed short films and was involved in the collective project Motivo! in 2004.

  • 2017 : Selfie

  • 2007 : Vete de mí

  • 2004 : Hay motivo!

  • 2001 : Más pena que gloria

Short films
  • 2003 : El elefante del rey

  • Festival selections:

Festival de Málaga - Competition 2020

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