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In Vivo Films (France), Big-Sur Peliculas (Colombia)

94 minutes / Drama /2021

International Sales: The Open Reel

With the support of: 

Ibermedia - Production fund
Work In Progress - San Sebastian International Film Festival 

Script Development Fund Pitch, Amiens International Films Festival.

Oaxaca Screenwriters Lab. - Mexico (Sundance Institute)

SØRFOND Pitching Forum, Norway

El Arbol Rojo  Directed by Joan Gomez Endera


The lonely life of Eliécer, piper from a coastal town, is suddenly interrupted by the death of his father and the existence of a young girl, who turns out to be his step-sister. Eliecer's mission is incomprehensible, to take the girl to her mother who abandoned her to begin a new life in Bogota. A place that only exists on maps for Eliecer.


With Carlos Vergara, Shadat Velasquez, Jhoyner Salgado

Director of photography: Mateo Guzman, Production design; Ramses Benjumea, Editor: Mauricio Lleras, Original music: Camilo Sanabria, Sound: Carlos E. Garcia, Luis Lasso, Costumes: Jenny Ramirez, Casting: John Bedoya, 1st Assistant director: Joacenith Vargas

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