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Demain, Alger?


With the support of:

CNC - Cinémas du monde
Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Doha film institute
Institut français d'Alger

Abou Leila 

An Algerian-french coproduction

With Thala Films 

Directed by Amin Sidi-Boumedine


  • Logline: 


Algeria, 1994. Terrorism is raging since two years,  in the North of the country, everyday bringing dead and horrors. 

S. and Lotfi, two friends from childhood, travel through the desert looking for Abou Leila, a dangerous terrorist on the run. Their search seems absurd, given that the Sahara has not been affected by the wave of murders and bomb attacks that have been sweeping through the rest of the country. Lofti has only one priority : to keep S. as far from the capital as possible, knowing his friend is too fragile to face more bloodshed



  • About Amin Sidi-Boumedine: 


Amin Sidi-Boumédiène studied chemistry before enrolling in film school. He obtained a degree in film directing in 2005 from Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français in Paris, then moved on to work in various projects as assistant director. His first short movie produced in Algeria, « Tomorrow, Algiers ? », have been selected in many festivals all around the world. « Al Djazira », his second algerian short, was shot in July 2012 in Algiers and won the best arab film award at the Abu Dhabi film Festival 2012.