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Directed by Rodrigo Michelangeli 

A personal portrait of the director’s grandfather Opa, and his wife's grandfather Ababo, who remained in Venezuela after most of their family emigrated due to the economic crisis and violence in the country. Opa lives with his wife Oma, who has been suffering from Alzheimer's for the past ten years, as he cares for her through her final days. Ababo scrapes the sewers of his abandoned gold processing factory to accumulate gold remnants and afford a trip to Canada. His goal is to attend his granddaughter’s wedding. An intimate character diptych, Of Memory And Debris tells the story of an unseen generation — the grandparents left behind by the largest exodus in Latin America's recent history.

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Marshmallows (2018)
Directed by Duván Duque 

While her father has just been publicly accused of bribery, Mélanie goes partying on a week-end with some friends, in the luxurious house of her parents. A moment, out of time and away from reality. A race to excess, where nothing is prohibited.

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FREE (2018)
(France, coproduction with
Les Films de la Capitaine)
Directed by Stéphanie Doncker

Stella, 14, just got convicted to spend six months in a closed educational centre.
She is supposed to enter it tomorrow. But before, two caseworkers, Mia and Arthur, take her to spend the last 24 hours by the sea, at Biscarosse, to help her better accept the experience she is about to live…


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LONELY (2018)
Directed by Claudia Bottino

Yann (12) spends his holidays alone with his mother Valérie in a country house near the woods. His father has been absent during the whole period for business reasons but tomorrow the family will be finally reunited. Both mother and son felt abandoned; both had to pass the time. Valérie cheated on her husband; Yann killed an animal leaving it as a sign on a precise spot, right in front of the small hut in the woods, where his mother used to secretly meet her lover. As father will be back tomorrow, every proof must disappear.

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A Symphony of Masks
Directed by Farah Chennit and Morgan Djian

Santino, freshly out of prison, meets William, his old business partner to claim his share of the loot. At the same two henchmen sent by him are getting Beatriz, his wife, to make sure she joins him. But William and her, in the meantime, had a child.

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