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Directed by Nathan Silver

Thirst Street tells the twisted story of Gina, a young American flight attendant who falls in with a Parisian bartender on a layover, only to find herself tangled in a web of deception, delusion, and unrequited l'amour fou. 

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Directed by Amin Sidi-Boumedine

Algeria, 1994. Terrorism is raging since two years,  in the North of the country, everyday bringing dead and horrors. 

S. and Lotfi, two friends from childhood, travel through the desert looking for Abou Leila, a dangerous terrorist on the run. Their search seems absurd, given that the Sahara has not been affected by the wave of murders and bomb attacks that have been sweeping through the rest of the country. Lofti has only one priority : to keep S. as far from the capital as possible, knowing his friend is too fragile to face more bloodshed

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Spain, 1950’s. Miguel and Antonio go on vacation at Ibiza, attracted by an alleged freedom.
On the island, they meet with a bunch of eccentric people, tragicomic, true castaways who missed the boat of History. While Antonio makes a string of girlfriends, more or less ridiculous, Miguel falls in love with Odette, with whom he spends idyllic weeks before dealing with an unexpected existential odyssey.

Directed by Víctor García León

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Every night, Heriberta gets back to be a young woman. She sacrifices young men to calm the evil spirit of her former lover, with whom she made a blood pact. By their side, the spirit of Marco Aurelio, the man Heriberta deeply fell in love with, but had to murder. Marco’s son returns to Cali to uncover the truth of his father’s disappearance, forcing Heriberta to transcend the maledictions of the past.

Disobsession will be fueled by references from its genre, fusing horror, film noir, and internal drama to form a local sub-genre baptized in the 70's by filmmakers in my

home town of Cali, Colombia as "Tropical Gothic."

Directed by Jorge Navas

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Young French Evy has just arrived in Miami Beach, for an internship. She moves into the Flamingo, a condo by the bay full of carefree partygoers. She becomes fast friends with one roommate, Val, a rich New Yorker who is always trying to reinvent herself. The two go from roommates to secret lovers one drunken night. Between passion, break-up and declaration of love, Evy, a few years later, has returned to France and reminisces their relationship.

Directed by Nathan Silver

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