Following the economic collapse of Venezuela, Roque sets out to the Amazon in hopes of finding a sanctuary for a new attempt to get sober, and an opportunity for work by rebuilding the tourist lodge he was forced to abandon 12 years earlier.

Directed by Jorge Thielen Armand

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Directed by Amin Sidi-Boumedine

Algeria, 1994. Terrorism is raging since two years,  in the North of the country, everyday bringing dead and horrors. 

S. and Lotfi, two friends from childhood, travel through the desert looking for Abou Leila, a dangerous terrorist on the run. Their search seems absurd, given that the Sahara has not been affected by the wave of murders and bomb attacks that have been sweeping through the rest of the country. Lofti has only one priority : to keep S. as far from the capital as possible, knowing his friend is too fragile to face more bloodshed

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Spain, 1950’s. Miguel and Antonio go on vacation at Ibiza, attracted by an alleged freedom.

On the island, they meet with a bunch of eccentric people, tragicomic, true castaways who missed the boat of History. While Antonio makes a string of girlfriends, more or less ridiculous, Miguel falls in love with Odette, with whom he spends idyllic weeks before dealing with an unexpected existential odyssey.

Directed by Víctor García León

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Directed by Nathan Silver
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Thirst Street tells the twisted story of Gina, a young American flight attendant who falls in with a Parisian bartender on a layover, only to find herself tangled in a web of deception, delusion, and unrequited l'amour fou. 

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The lonely life of Eliécer, piper from a coastal town, is suddenly interrupted by the death of his father and the existence of a young girl, who turns out to be his step-sister. Eliecer's mission is incomprehensible, to take the girl to her mother who abandoned her to begin a new life in Bogota. A place that only exists on maps for Eliecer.

Directed by Joan Gomez Endara
Currently in post-production

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As the final of the volleyball tournament approaches, Sofia learns that she is pregnant. She doesn't want to be a mother but in Brazil, abortion is a crime. She asks her father João for help. Supporting her is not easy, and with the whole village against them, the consequences are devastating.

Directed by Lillah Halla
Shooting in March/April 2021

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In the bucolic hills of the Jalisco Highlands, iron-willed businesswoman María García is the last in a long line of Mexican-owned tequila factories in the region. While María fights the impending collapse of her family business, her genderqueer hairdresser, Tatín, opens her salon and searches for stability love amongst the conservative townspeople. 

Directed by Juan Pablo González
Shooting in November 2020

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Rakib is a male housekeeper who works in an aristocratic mansion belongs to Purna, a retired military general who is running for a mayoral election. When Purna’s election poster is vandalized, Rakib doesn’t hesitate to track down the culprit, kicking off an increasingly violent chain of events.

Directed by Makbul Mubarak

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As he turns 16, Carlos faces the rite of passage to become a man, amidst the threatening men in his environment. Concerned about his mother and sister, he forces himself to display a type of masculinity imposed by his social context, which is also a threat to himself. In private, Carlos explores his sensitivity, his fragility, and everything “real men” do not show. Carlos must choose between the streetsin a slum in Bogotá, or following the beat of his contradictions. He dreams of Christmas Eve with his family, unaware that his life will be on the edge.

Directed by Fabián Hernandez

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Sofia leaves her ageing father in economically-devastated Venezuela to join her former husband Kevin in France, where she plans to build a better future. But Kevin has a new family and Sofia must break free from their control over her, and ultimately renounce her old self in order to start anew.

Directed by Jorge Thielen Armand

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Directed by Nathan Silver
Written by Damien Bonnard

In a small coastal town, a big ball is being prepared. All the inhabitants are invited to attend Sara's 30th anniversary celebration organized by her husband Franck, a very rich and influential man. The day after the party, Franck is missing. Sara, distraught, gets closer to Max, her former lost boyfriend, whom she had left ten years earlier to marry Frank. Max became a private investigator. As his break-up with Sara was still painful, he was initially reluctant to investigate Franck's disappearance, but eventually accepted it. As the investigation progresses, the clues Max brings back arouse suspicions in Sara: she thinks Max eliminated Franck to be with her. Max, on the other hand, suspects her of having committed the murder in order to finally relive his love with him. Sara hires another competing private investigator, Alex, to investigate Max. The number of alleged perpetrators is increasing, as are the number of murders...

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Directed by Amin Sidi-Boumédiène

In exile in a European city, R.M, an Algerian writer threatened with death in his country in the midst of a dark decade, is tormented by fear and doubt. Far from his wife and son who remain in Algeria, R.M discovers that he is suffering from an incurable disease. He sinks then in the madness, the paranoia and the meanders of his imagination where will reappear to him his characters of novels.

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