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  • About "Eliecer's song":


Script Development Fund Pitch, Amiens International Films Festival.

Winner of Ibermedia Fund Grants for ProjectDevelopment

International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema. La Habana - Cuba. (Script Contest.)

Oaxaca Screenwriters Lab. - Mexico (Sundance Institute)

Andean Workshop - Festival des 3 Continents de Nantes. 

SØRFOND Pitching Forum. Norway.

ELIECER'S SONG (In development) 

Original Title: El son de Eliecer


In coproduction with Gracia Cine - Colombia.

Directed by Joan Gomez


  • Logline:


The lonely life of Eliécer, a sexagenarian piper from a coastal town, is suddenly interrupted by an old acquaintance that leaves two surprises and one mission on the doorstep of his house: the first surprise, the death of his father; the second surprise, Esperanza, an eight-year-old girl, who turns out to be his step-sister. The mission is not only painful but also incomprehensible, to take the girl to her mother, the woman who abandoned her when she was just a newborn to begin a new life in Bogota.

A place that only exists on maps for Eliecer. 



  • About Joan Gomez:


Filmmaker, with a master’s degree in Film Direction from ESCAC in Barcelona. He has made four short films, among which stands out “ASUNTO DE GALLOS”, winner of the prize for short films production from the Bogotá D.C´s Department of Culture in 2008, and was selected in the “International Short Film Festival Clermont Ferrand 2012” in official competition among 50 others film festival selections.