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DISOBSESION (in financing)

A colombian-french coproduction

With Burning  Blue 

Directed by Jorge Navas


  • Logline: 


Every night, Heriberta, an old woman practicing magic, gets back back to be a young woman. She seduces and sacrifices young men to calm down the evil spirit of her former lover, Luio Espriella, with whom she made a blood pact in exchange of eternal youth. By their side, the spirit of Marco Aurelio, the man Heriberta deeply fell in love with, but had to murder because of the pact.
Marco’s son returns to Cali to uncover the truth of his father’s disappearance, forcing Heriberta to transcend the maledictions of the past.

  • About Jorge Navas

Born in 1973, Jorge Navas grew up in Cali where he studied social communication and journalism. Alternating between music (he was a DJ) and his studies, he starts to take an interest into the world of image, guided by a conceptual and informative instinct.


He followed different formations in aesthetic theory and audiovisual analysis. In his various works, he experimented different kinds and formats, from documentaries, experimental videos, clip videos, advertisement to fiction. He always tries to find a compromise between the Colombian reality and the metaphor of this reality.


In 2003, he creates with some friends the collective “Patofeo Films”, an independent production company which mixes cinematic, advertising and experimental creations. The company produced award-winning films such as “Perro como Perro” (the first Colombian film in the official selection at Sundance), “La Sangre y la Lluvia” directed by Jorge Navas himself (the first Colombian film selected at Venice festival), important films for the resurgence and the recognition of the Colombian cinema industry on the international stage.


Jorge Navas - Director


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