Directed by Fabián Hernández

Written by Fabián Hernández

                              In Vivo Films (France)                                Medio de Contención Producciones (Colombia)

90 minutes / Drama

With the support of : 
Proimagenes Colombia FDC
World Cinema Fund
Cinéfondation Atelier - Cannes Film Festival
Torino Film Lab


  • Logline: 


As he turns 16, Carlos faces the rite of passage to become a man, amidst the threatening men in his environment. Concerned about his mother and sister, he forces himself to display a type of masculinity imposed by his social context, which is also a threat to himself. In private, Carlos explores his sensitivity, his fragility, and everything “real men” do not show. Carlos must choose between the streets
in a slum in Bogotá, or following the beat of his contradictions. He dreams of Christmas Eve with his family, unaware that his life will be on the edge.

  • About Fabián Hernández: 


Fabián Hernández is a colombian director. He has written and directed the short films: MALA MAÑA (2015) TRAS LA MONTAÑA (2016) selected in several festivals around the world, and GOLPE Y CENSURA (2018) OASIS (2019).

He is currently based between France and Colombia and is working on the writing and financing of his next feature film UN VARÓN, (2020). (Selected for L’Atelier Cannes Film Festival 2020, Winner in the TorinoFilmLab Co-Production Award 2019, Winner of the feature film production FDC, Colombia, 2018, participated at the TYPA and IMCINE foundation project development workshop, Tepoztlan, México 2018 and Winner of a stimulus for sound at the Producers lab of the Cali International Film Festival 2018).