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La Symphonie des Masques

15' / Thriller


Directed by Farah Chennit & Morgan Djian


  • Logline:


Santino, famous criminal, who recently got out of jail, comes to take his part of the money back from his long-time collaborator, William. As decreed by the thug code, William took care of Santino’s wife during his imprisonment.

But when Santino says he wants his wife Beatriz back, the situation gets uneasy.

To make sure Beatriz joins him, Santino sent two henchmen at her house. But time passed by… William and Beatriz had a child. The two men confront each other while Santino gets a message: “Your daughter is waiting for you Santino. I love you. Beatriz”.




-Prix du public - TMFF Film Festival 2016
-Prix du Meilleur Film - Lake View International
Film Festival 2017
-Prix du Meilleur Casting, Meilleures Actrice, Meilleure Acteur 2nd rôle - WWA
Short Film Competition 2017
-Laurel of Achievement - Cinema Grand Prix 2017


- Los Angeles Cinefest 2016
- Puerto Madero International Film Festival 2016
-Bucarest Shortcut Cinefest 2016
-Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival 2016
-Les Saisons Parisiennes 2017