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In Vivo Films (France)
90 minutes / Drama

With the support of

▸ Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine 
▸ Département de la Charente-Maritime

Monsieur Alvares est mort | Directed by Cristina Pinheiro


When Jeanne (50) visits her mother Mathilde (74), who has just been diagnosed with a brain tumour, they learn that the body of the neighbour, Mr Alvares, has just been discovered at his home after 15 years. Mathilde remembers an unpleasant man, but Jeanne has no memories of him, even though she was convinced when she was younger that this Mr. Alvares was her father. These events reawaken Jeanne's wound of an absent and unknown father as well as her interest in this mysterious neighbour and his story...

Confirmed cast : Isabelle Carré, Martine Chevallier, JoeyStarr, Nuno Lopes

Born in Tours where her parents settled after leaving Portugal, Cristina Pinheiro grew up with this double culture which conditioned her love for the language. She directed her first self-produced short film, MORTE MARINA in 2002 and renewed the experience with LIGA in 2012, produced by Easy Tiger with Helena Noguerra and Nanou Garcia. 

MENINA, produced by Mezzanine Films, is his first feature film. Initiated in the framework of the Script Workshop at FEMIS, the film was shot during the summer of 2016. Also, she is co-writing the animated feature film  "Os demónios do meu avô" (Les démons d'argile) directed by Nuno Beato, released in 2022.

She is currently developing her 2nd feature film MONSIEUR ALVARES EST MORT.

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