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In Vivo Films (France)


Les Boules Directed by Guillaume Levil & Lewis Eizykman


At 40 years old, Rémi and Manu, the best friends in the world, are lost in the meanders of contraception. They decide to do something and make a pact: if reversible methods such as heat-based contraception don't work within 3 months, they will have a vasectomy.

Guillaume Levil has written or directed a few short films which were shown all over France and abroad, including "Arthur Rambo" and "Fils" – winner of the « Luxembourgish Oscar » -, two shorts which were selected for more than 90 festivals for the first one and 160 for the second one. He grew up between Réunion Island and Provence, so Guillaume Levil likes catching the light that inspires him from lands of many tales and legends. As a true lover of Capra’s and Pagnol’s work, he gives away images as story-teller, not to escape reality but to celebrate it differently. His 1st documentary "Le Problème du pantalon" dealing with male contraception was broadcast on France 3. 

Lewis Eizykman founded Prométhée Productions during his university studies, a structure that allowed him to make music videos, institutional films and several short films (Hypersensibles, Faut qu'on parle, Maximilien) broadcasted on France 2 and OCS.

He is currently developing his first feature film "Les Boules", co-written with Guillaume Levil.

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