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In Vivo Films (France), Tarea Fina (Argentina)
90 minutes / Drama

With the support of:

▸ Ibermedia
▸ Aide aux Cinémas du monde
▸ World cinema fund

Hijo Major Directed by Cecilia Kang


An emotional cartography based on a family’s migration from post- war South Korea to Argentina. They break traditions to go against what is expected of them, delineating unexplored paths through

painful acts of freedom.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1985, Cécilia studied Filmmaking at E.N.E.R.C. She won a scholarship at the “Cinema Lab” dictated by Martín Rejtman and Andrés di Tella at UTDT. She participated in the workshop “Labour in a single shot” dictated by Harun Farocki and Antje Ehman. In 2018, she participated in Berlinale Talents. She made several short films that took part of international film festivals, such as “Videojuegos” (Videogames) that was screened in more than 30 festivals around the world (Berlinale 2015, Official Competition “Generation") and obtained different awards. During 2016, “Mi último fracaso” (“My last failure”), her first documentary film, was released in the Argentine Competition of the 18th BAFICI (2016). She is currently developing her first feature fiction film called "Hijo mayor" (Elder son) and her second documentary feature "Partió de mí un barco llevándome" (A Ship Set Sail From Me). 

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