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In Vivo Films (France), Awman Production (Maroc), Objectif 9 (Canada) 
90 minutes / Drama

With the support of


The Heir to the Secrets Directed by Mohamed Nadif


Farid was three years old when his father fled Morocco for another woman. He grew up, got married and began a promising career until a letter arrived from Montreal: it was at the request of Farid's mother that his father had left them. Farid then sets out to meet his father to try to find answers to his departure.

Mohamed Nadif worked in the theater as an actor and a director before turning to cinema, first as an actor in numerous films, then directing and producing several shorts and feature films. A graduate of the Institut Supérieur d’Art Dramatique (ISADAC) in Morocco in drama, he completed his training at University Paris-X with a diploma in advanced studies of theater and performance arts. 


His production company Awman Productions produced two feature films, "Les femmes du Pavillon J" (2019) et "Andalousie, mon amour !" (2011), which he also directed. Prior to that, he wrote and directed three short films: "La jeune femme et l'ascenseur" (2005), "La jeune femme et l'instit" (2007), and "Jeune femme et l'école" (2009). 


As a producer and/or executive producer, mostly in France, he has participated primarily in first or second films: "Margelle" and "Un été à Boujaad" by Omar Moudouira, "Entre deux eaux" by Patrice Cordonnier, "Tazzeka" by Jean-Philippe Gaud and, "Nomades ou Naima et ses fils"  by Olivier Coussemacq. Coussemacq collaborated on the writing of his next feature film, “The Heir to the Secrets” ("L’héritier des secrets"), a loose adaptation of the novel written by the Moroccan writer Fatiha Morchid.

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